Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing

What actually is content marketing? Content marketing lets you find new leads and drive new sales without ever using any hard sale tactics. Content Marketing is a process that involves the creation of free and high-quality content that will attract and engage your target audience, no matter if they are in Thailand or another country.

These days, people have so many ways to “tune out” of Marketing messages that it has become more and more difficult to reach them. They skip TV advertising, block online banners with a browser plugin and disable ads altogether on their smartphones. Content Marketing techniques such as Inbound Marketing are a way to counter all of this by writing content that people actually want to read. It is a completely new way of “selling” by not selling at all. This also builds trust and your expert status among your target group.


Your content should be closely related to your business and provide something of interest that your typical customer would want to read or needs to read, something they would, in fact, search for on Google. When they do, and if your content is properly search engine optimized, your content will show up on Google when a new lead is searching for your specific topic.

Were does SEO come in?

Content marketing and SEO are very closely related and actually overlap. The one cannot live without the other. Just throwing a nice piece of content online, won’t magically rank you on the first page overnight. So doing content marketing you also invest into SEO for your website at the same time.


Another important factor in content marketing is consistency. If you keep writing about your business’s niche regularly, you create trust and your expert status. This is very important to gain people’s trust and loyalty which in the end will make them give you their business.

content marketing

Does content marketing work for everybody?

Yes it does. Some of the largest companies use content marketing just as well as small business owners or even bloggers. It can be very effective in all kinds of industries.

At this point, let me reiterate one point again: Your content needs to be relevant and valuable! Don’t fall into the trap thinking mediocre content or content that sounds like a sales pitch is going to get you anywhere. There is a ton of bad content being written and send out to people every day and it is a waste of time. Quality + consistency is much more important for content marketing than quantity. Good content makes people stop, take note, engage and most importantly remember you.

Content Distribution

Content marketing takes time and effort. It is a long-term strategy but is extremely rewarding. Some of the most popular ways that companies use content marketing and distribute their content are:

– Social media
– Posting articles on their website
– Newsletters
– Case studies and white papers
– Videos and Webcasts
– Guest Blogging

iPlan Digital can take over the complete process or support your in-house team. We research topics, plan your content, write professional content in your niche in both Thai and English (and other languages as well), adapt and optimize your content for SEO and finally push the content live and then keep monitoring and tracking it to see how it develops. We optimize content over time and keep updating it to improve it even further.

Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing