Social media account management in Thailand

When launching into the Thai market, you’ll be entering one of the most unique and social media crazy cultures in Asia. Something that works in other South East Asian countries will likely not work the same way in Thailand. Thailand is one of the world’s most heavy social media users in terms of time spent per day on social media. The top activity of Thai smartphone users is social media with 82%. There is no better way to reach Thai consumers than through social media. It is absolutely essential to have a social media presence in Thai language in order to get any traction.

We provide turnkey social media account management services to local and foreign clients, our social media management team can handle all related tasks and help you brand drive more engagement and sales.

Social Media Marketing Service

Social Content Strategy & Social Content Planning

When you need to have a social media account it is very important to keep updating it on a frequent basis. We take away the long hours it takes to plan and schedule all your posts throughout a month. This includes planning creative, writing text copy accompanying each post, producing the actual content (graphic design, contests, videos) and then manage delivery.

What usually happens at many companies when they start managing a social account is one of the following scenarios:

– They update frequently in the beginning, then slack off and posts are getting less and less.
– They do not update consistently.
– They do post consistently but the variety of post types is lacking.

All these things result in the same issue: They will affect your visibility and engagement rates on Facebook negatively, the reason being the following: Facebook uses a complex machine learning algorithm which decides for each one of your posts if they are worth being seen by other people and how much. If they are boring, Facebook will show your content to less people. If they are engaging, Facebook will upgrade your score and show your next posts to more people. So basically, this algorithm is there to keep surfacing interesting posts and hiding the less interesting ones. You could call it a quality control system.

Our task is to constantly improve your engagement and therefore your engagement score for your page over time.

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Creative & Graphic Design

We’ll handle all graphic design creative and design for your social media accounts and social marketing campaigns. This includes everything from cover pages, to original unique posts for each one of your social account and also designs for social advertisements for Facebook or Instagram ads.

graphic design
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Social Ads Management (Facebook Ads, IG Ads, Twitter Ads, Tik Tok Ads)

Our monthly social media packages can include ads management as well, such as Facebook and Instagram ads management or Tik Tok ads. So you have great content now and want to boost social each further. Then you will not get around running ads. You need to remember that Facebook and Instagram are essentially paid platforms. That also means that Facebook will massively limit your content reach unless you pay for ads. We recommend to always have a paid strategy together with your content strategy to maximize ROI. Speak to us and let us know your requirements for social ads management and we will provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Social Contests & Social Campaigns

Social contests are a great way to engage your audience. Be it a free give-away or an image contest to engage people and make them share your content, social contests are very effective in increasing your reach and make people remember and engage with your brand in a positive way. We design and run different types of contests depending on your brand and needs. We manage everything from design phase, using micro-sites with sign up function for all social networks, advanced statistics and winner evaluation.

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Influencer Engagements

We are a Thai influencer agency and can link in the best Thai influencers into your social media campaigns. We are able to reach out to big Thai celebrity influencers as well as smaller and medium sized Thai influencers. It comes down to your campaign and budget to decide which way is better suited for you. Especially as a start-up brand, having some influencers endorse, try out or review your product is a great way to build content and make Thai consumers feel confident in buying your product or service.

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