Engaging video content, viral videos and TV commercials

Video content production is of the utmost importance. Video is the No 1 channel when it comes to engagement in Thailand, be that TV or YouTube and the Internet. Thailand is one of the top YouTube countries in the world measured by usage per person per month. The DAAT (Digital Advertising Association of Thailand) states that over 5 Million Thai people visit YouTube every month, each person visits the site over 15 times per month and spends almost 20 minutes per visit. These numbers show what a huge opportunity YouTube provides for marketers.

YouTube has overtaken every TV station in Thailand and is the video source with the highest usage overall in Thailand. Not only that but the user numbers are still growing exponentially. Even though, youtube usage is still growing exponentially. With only a third of Thai people online, the user numbers of YouTube will keep growing as more people have access to the Internet and video content production is thriving.

Video Content & TVC Production

We conceptualize and produce social media video content, viral videos and TV Commercials and seed them on numerous online channels for you. Through our production company we are able to provide full-service video production, team and crew that can handle all aspects of your video production from start to finish: Creative scripting and storyboarding, production and post-production including editing, color grading and sound mix.


Video Production

Creative, Scripting, Storyboarding

Our team can take your project from start to end, all in-house. We develop script, creative and provide storyboarding. Depending on the type of video, such as social videos or a full spec TVC, timing can be different for creative development, production and post-production.

Viral Videos

Thailand is famous for its viral videos. A viral video is usually conceptualized for the web. To build up an emotional story you require at least a few minutes time. The standard is about 3 minutes length but it can sometimes also be longer than that. Viral videos do not bombard the viewer with commercial messages. They hook the viewer to the screen by an emotional story-line (sad or funny) and a twist towards the end that also reveals the brand. Viral videos can create huge awareness and engagement for a brand.

Social Media Videos

With the rise of social media channels, the frequency at which content is needed skyrocketed. It is not enough anymore to produce 1 video and use that for weeks on your social channels. Nowadays brands are looking to post new content every day and week. But video production can take time and the cost high. We have our own skilled in-house production team and studio which allows us to be time and cost efficient and produce social videos for the new age of social media and the web. You need quantity, quality and consistent frequency? We have monthly and yearly social video packages to cover your needs.

TVC (TV Commercials)

TVCs are still the top notch tool for powerful branding. Let’s get one thing straight, TV commercials do require a certain level of budget so are reserved for bigger brands usually. It is true that the cost is high, but that is because TVCs require the highest skilled people and only the top of the line equipment and fancy set builds. That is why they look so good. TVCs are still driving big awareness and sales, especially in Thailand where TV is still a very big channel and one is able to reach a huge amount if eyeballs.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are short videos that explain for example what your company is doing and can be placed on your homepage or anywhere online. Or they could also explain a concept or process. They are really useful for engaging your website audience. People are 80% more likely to convert when your website has video content. Many seemingly difficult or lengthy process or introductions can be shown in an explainer video, making it much easier to grasp a concept.

Event Video Production

Do you have an event or conference coming up? Our team can cover video and photo for your event and produce a highlight video or long format footage. We shoot with our skilled team and our post-production team can edit a fun to watch video, not matter what the type of event is. When you work with us, we are able to streamline and sync your online marketing with the video production and make sure that everything is on-brand.

Video Advertising

YouTube let’s you advertise by showing your video ads in other people’s videos on YouTube that are related to your target audience. These are clips that people see before their chosen video starts to play. The good thing here is that you do not have to pay for the ad when people skip them straight away. You only pay for ads that were watched at least 30 seconds. We can help you design and produce advertising videos or we can manage your video advertising campaigns with existing video content.

Video retargeting

Retargeting is the process of targeting people online that have previously visited your website. Why should you do this? Because people who visited your site before are about 4 times more likely to convert and buy something from you than people who have not visited your website yet. It is a proven advertising concept that really works. We can setup your retargeting on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter as well as the Google Display network and dozens of other ad exchanges through RTB platforms.

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