Google Ads PPC Management Service

Google Ads PPC management is the ongoing activity of creating, analyzing and running ad campaigns on the Google Ads network. The Google Ads platform has gone through dozens of revisions and might seem like a very mature platform. But that also means it is very complex an d even though it is matured, it is still constantly changing. So staying up to date on the newest developments is a full-time job.

PPC - Pay Per Click

Google Ads provide several different types of ad inventory. The main ones are:

Search Ads

Text Ads found on all Google search properties.

Where to find them:

Search ads are the most common Google Ads format. They are small text ads you see when you view search results on Google.

Display Ads

Image and animation ads on Google's display network

Where to find them:

Display ads are image or animated ads that display on the large network of Google display partner websites.

YouTube Ads

Video ad formats on YouTube website.

Where to find them:

Video and other ad formats running on the YouTube website.

Note: Google Ads is the up to date and correct name of all of Google’s available ad formats. Not too long ago, search and display ads were called “Google Adwords”. Google Adwords lives now under the Google Ads umbrella.

Phase 1:

Google Ads analysis, strategy & campaign setup

No matter if you are just starting out on Google Ads, or you have already been running Google Ads in the past and would like to keep using your existing campaign, we have a solution for you.

To initially setup a campaign on Google Ads takes a significant amount of time. Before we launch the campaign, we need to make sure that everything is setup for success. Just as important it is to understand how Google Ads works, we also need to understand your business. That happens in our initial call. We will work together with you to develop a solid PPC strategy that will move your Google Ads.

Phase 1 PPC services include:

  • Analysis of your existing PPC Google Ads campaign(s) if you have one
  • Review of your websites and business
  • Consultation on your PPC goals and expectations
  • Keyword strategy and research
  • Development of Google Ads strategy
  • Writing of ad copy that converts
  • Creating full PPC campaigns across all Google Ads properties such as search ads, display ads, retargeting campaigns, Youtube ads, product and shopping ads.
  • Plan and set time and geo targeting of your ads
  • Plan and organize all keywords into the right groups
  • Use the right matching options to reap maximum benefits on Google Ads
  • Tracking tag installation on your website to track conversions
  • Connection of your Google Ads data to Google Analytics, Google search console and Google data studio

Once we are through the setup phase of your Google Ads campaign, we then move on to the next phase in which we are finally launching the campaigns and start generating traffic to your website.

Phase 2:

Campaign Launch & Google Ads management

It is important to understand that PPC management / Google Ads is an ongoing process. Once your Google Ads campaign started, it has to be constantly monitored and optimized over time. Nothing in PPC stays the same, there will be constant changes happening and how well your campaign works (or not) and our team’s job is to adapt to these changes and find solutions to keep optimizing your campaigns and improving your ROI. We will provide you with detailed reporting and live dashboards that allow you to always be informed about performance and new opportunities. We help you to take full advantage of all the tools that Google Ads offers to deliver maximum benefit to your business.

Google Ads campaign management services include:

  • Account manager that is your point of contact for question about your ad campaigns
  • Ongoing analysis and recommendations for your website
  • Consulting on how to improve conversion rates
  • Ongoing PPC ad strategy development
  • Ad copy analysis, testing and optimization
  • Detailed Google Ads reporting
  • Detailed live dashboards for all your PPC campaigns
  • Bid & position management

One service that is often used in combination with a Google Ad PPC campaign are landing pages to generate leads. We provide a platform for landing page creation, tracking system to track visitors data, and analytics.

Always on-brand, conversion centric landing pages

After people click on the Google ads we run, they then reach a landing page. We build landing pages that are customized and in line with our brand and marketing materials. Our landing pages are delivered on a live URL and we can also implement it into any system that you are using already or your own website domain.

We use our custom tracking script to track all landing pages we create. This allows us to track every action and movement on the landing page and collect customer data which we can use for further targeting or ad campaigns.

A/B Split Testing:

Our methodology for landing pages for Google Ads involves extensive A/B split testing. Split testing helps us to improve your conversion rates and ROI:

Increase conversion rates:

We design hyper targeted landing pages, optimize them via A/B testing, and track visitors by behavioral site tracking to gain further insights.

Reduce cost per acquisition:

By increasing your conversion rates, we will eventually lower your cost per acquisition.

Improve Return on Investment:

Don’t only think of “more” traffic. Think of better traffic and also increase your conversion rate among existing traffic. By doing so, ROI will increase over time.

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