HubSpot Marketing: What is it and Why You Should Use it?

Literally, is there anything that HubSpot cannot do? Being the most successful marketing automation company on the planet, HubSpot keeps coming up with exciting automation tools that businesses of all sizes can use. One such array of tools is HubSpot Marketing Hub, which is something that we will discuss in-depth in this post.

Contrary to most arguments, HubSpot Marketing Hub isn’t just an email marketing tool. There is so much more to it. It offers customer relationship management, lead generation, customer service, social media integration, and so many more features that encourage collaboration and teamwork. HubSpot Marketing Hub is really a fascinating marketing tool which is bi we are going to dive deep into it. So, let’s get started!

What is HubSpot Marketing?

HubSpot Marketing Hub is essentially an all-around marketing automation solution that allows small to mid-sized businesses to integrate a variety of CRM, marketing, and sales solutions. If you are looking to solidify your marketing solutions, HubSpot Marketing Hub can be your go-to product. It is because It offers multifaceted features and solutions that can easily make it a complete marketing solution. However, the steep learning curve can be a little demanding for new users. Let’s talk about the features of HubSpot Marketing Hub and figure out why you should be using it in the first place.

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Features of HubSpot Marketing Hub

Here are the features of HubSpot Marketing Hub that you should know before you go on to subscribe to its plans. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Email Editor

The HubSpot Marketing Hub gives marketers a wide variety of email templates to choose from. The templates can be used for welcome emails, email newsletters, event invitations, eBook launch, re-engagement, and more. The email editor is quite easy to use and helps marketers create customized emails and campaigns. For example, they can add different content blocks for adding images, social sharing, for any call to action buttons. You can fundamentally change the design of any email template and customize it to their benefit. It is useful for both B2B and b2c marketers as the ability to personalize emails can have a strong impact on the conversion rates of both business models. One way it makes it easier for marketers to create email marketing campaigns is by providing them with a drag and drop builder.

2. Automations

Today marketers have the ability to turn their uh email marketing campaign into an automated one. These automated email marketing campaigns have them reach out to their potential customers and existing customers at the right time. The email delivery is calibrated for triggers like form submission, customers’ last interaction, product page views, interaction with emails and ads. These triggers can be added or removed according to your need. Thus, there is a huge scope for customization while automating your email marketing campaign. You even get a lot of flexibility while building your automation campaigns as you can program them To run for a period of time. Not just that, you can even set goals for your campaigns and treat them as triggers for your automated series of emails.

3. Contact Management

The HubSpot Marketing Hub also comes with a contact management system that helps you keep all your customer data in one place. It does that by presenting all the customer data and interactions in the form of a CRM solution. You can check the contacts and see which automation they are a part of. You can even update their information and the interactions they have had with anyone in your marketing or sales teams. The contact management system on HubSpot Marketing Hub also gives you the ability to filter the contacts using factors like location, date of sign up, last activity date, and more. Therefore, your customized contact list that can be used for different conditions.

4. Analytics

Analytics is always a crucial part of any marketing process and HubSpot Marketing Hub gives you ample opportunity to track and analyse your marketing performance data. It is quite easier to compare your current campaigns with the ones you ran earlier across different marketing platforms. This gives you a great idea about things you are doing right with your marketing campaigns and figuring out what else you can do to make them more successful. You will be able to track metrics like open rates, number of clicks, bounce rates, number of unsubscribes, spam reports, and more.

5. Ease-of-Use

Since HubSpot Marketing Hub is a feature-laden solution for your marketing processes, it is important for it to be accessible and easy to use for different members of a marketing team. However, as we mentioned earlier, the learning curve on HubSpot Marketing Hub is steeper than any other standalone email marketing solution. But as you start using HubSpot’s marketing solutions, you will start appreciating the wide array of features it has to offer.

Pricing of HubSpot Marketing Hub

Let’s talk about money. HubSpot Marketing Hub Starter itself starts at 50 USD a month already (about 1,500 THB). Professional and enterprise plans provide more advanced features for larger teams and companies. Basically that means there is a package for everybody and the barrier of entry is low. We provide full onboarding, setup and management services for HubSpot that include packages with content strategy and creation, advertising and lead generation or SEO consultation.

Final Thoughts

But, one of the most important questions that you need to ask before subscribing to HubSpot Marketing Hub is – Do You Really Need It? It is definitely one of the most effective and performance-oriented marketing solutions in the market. However, it can be a significant investment if you go for professional plans. Therefore we highly recommend you do your research or contact one of our experts to get a better assessment of your business. Feel free to contact us below. We would love to hear from you!

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