LINE Official Account (LINE OA) is the essential channel for doing business in Thailand. Besides Thailand, LINE is also the No 1 chat app in Japan by user numbers and one of the top channels all over South East Asia. LINE has over 700 Million users in Asia, with more than 50 Million users in Thailand.

Up until recently LINE was a closed platform but has in recent times started to let other market platforms access its system to integrate LINE with other MarTech platforms. This enables us to integrate LINE OA (LINE official account) into our marketing offerings elated to customer management, chat and marketing automation.


Some of the benefits and features that using LINE marketing automation provides:

  • Integrate your whole chat funnel (LINE OA, Facebook Messenger, Email, Website chat, etc. ) into one system to avoid confusion and make work more efficient for your customer service team.
  • Be more productive with features such as knowledgebase, shortcuts, assignments.
  • Integrate LINE with other MarTech tools in your company marketing stack. LINE can be connected with a whole suite of other MarTech tools that you might be using already such as Slack or Zendesk.
  • Chat with LINE users using full features such as gifs, emojis, file uploads and buttons.
  • Build a bot and marketing automation workflow that integrates LINE messaging.
  • Save your whole chat history within our application. No risk anymore to lose any of your customer chats.
  • Search all your past LINE chat history via a specialized search tool for easy finding of any of your past chats.
LINE OA LINE Official Account

LINE OA Implementation and Integration:

First, we assess your current existing marketing setup and your existing internal processes in our initial consultation. Based on that we analyze your needs & requirements and then consult you on the best and most efficient Martech tools to use for your business. Every business has its own way of doing things and this is reflected in any marketing tools you should use.

Besides Hubspot integration with LINE OA, there are also other options available if you do not require all of Hubspot features and would only be interested in the Line OA marketing automation.

Then we propose the best solution for your business.


LINE OA Marketing integration allows you not only to just connect your LINE account to our platform but it provides numerous additional features that you could not do with LINE by itself:

  • When a prospect or website visitor contacts you on LINE, the LINE integration will create a new contact in your CRM.
  • Every communication for that customer can now be unified in your system. Let’s say one contact sent you an email and then later contacts you on LINE. The system is capable of linking the 2 things together in one integrated profile of that customer. No separate entries anymore.
  • You are now capable to use marketing automation workflows with LINE OA users. For example: When a website visitor contacts you on LINE, you can first send them a nurturing workflow automatically, let’s say a welcome sequence. Not only that, but you can also build condition-based workflows. So you could send them automatically different messages based on what they have asked or entered into the chat.
  • Segment your customers. You can automate the segmentation of prospects and customers in your CRM. Gain deeper insights into the website behavior of new leads and segment them based on what they are interested in. Example: Segment people who visit your pricing page into a “Hot Leads” category and notify the sales team via email so they can follow up.

As you can see from the above, the opportunities with LINE OA implementation are quite limitless. Because of that, it takes knowledge to implement the system in the right way and to use the right MarTech tools. iPlan Digital is here to help you with this. Please contact us below to start and we will be happy to set up a first consultation.

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