Social Listening, Research & Social Sentiment

As a business you know by now how important a social strategy is in Thailand. You want to reach the right people at the best possible time with the right content. In order to do this, social listening has been around for a while. Social listening describes the process of listening to social conversations across all social platforms and being able to join conversations when somebody talks about your brand.

What is it good for?

A typical usage scenario could be for example:

– Identifying influencers that talk about our brand
– Looking for customer service opportunities
– Monitoring a hashtag or phrase

This is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your whole social audience, no matter if they are happening on your own social page or website or anywhere else.

What social listening has been lacking until recently is to be able to not only find social signals among Millions of messages but to know if those conversations are positive or negative and if so, what topics they are actually about.

This is where social research comes into play

Today’s technology allows to literally sift through every single social conversation being held in all of Thailand (or any other country that is). Not only that but it also allows to define customers sentiment towards your brand at any given time.
With our social research service you can measure sentiment about your brand among consumers. You are able to take every single social conversation in Thailand (or other country) any single day and are able to measure and score what people currently think about your brand, positive or negative.

social listening and social research in thailand

Why is this important?

One usage scenario for businesses is to detect any problems with products at a very early stage and then solve them before anything bigger problem occurs.

A major ice cream brand used social listening and sentiment measurement to detect a problem in a new flavor that was just recently released to market. They used a keyword cloud that showed the keywords thousands of people currently use to talk about the brand on social channels. In that keyword cloud the word “metal” stood out which seemed strange and not fitting. After researching this more it was found that some people found pieces of metal in their ice cream boxes. When the manufacturer found out that due to a packaging error some boxes of the new flavor were contaminated with metal pieces, they quickly stopped production, solved the issue and were able to prevent a bigger problem or even law suits.

Tourism authorities around the world use social listening and sentiment measurement to measure sentiment for their countries. That includes the Tourism Authority of Thailand which uses social sentiment measurement to test markets globally and identify the areas where they need to advertise more or where they have the biggest untouched opportunities. During the murder scandal on Koh Tao for example, the TAT was able to watch customer sentiment take a nose dive in the UK especially and then counter it with a targeted advertising campaign.

Another example would be to research social sentiment about certain products or locations before launching a new product or any other topic. Social listening and research is probably the most powerful marketing research tool available as of today. What if you cold use social listening and social research to research the market and what people think about a certain topic before you make a decision to go to market with a new idea? Social listening and research lets you do exactly that and gives you the power to make sense from Millions of social signals.

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