Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

With over 1 Billion daily active users, Facebook Ads has a gigantic audience and reach. It works differently from other PPC platforms such as Google Ads. Google Ads reaches people when they show intent (by searching for a topic). Facebook ads makes use of the unmatched scope of data Facebook has from its users but they do not necessarily show the same amount of intent when we reach them via Facebook ads. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, it’s Instagram ads platform is integrated with Facebook’s and allows for an additional huge channel to reach your target audience.

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To be successful on Facebook ads, we need to use more types of ad formats and more detailed targeting in order to run ROI positive campaigns.

Why should you run Facebook ads?

How does your company currently utilize Facebook ads and what are your goals?

You’re a starter:

You are just starting out to run Facebook ads and do not have much experience if any. You’re looking for a Facebook ads agency to ensure

You’re a growing company:

Your company is already advertising on Facebook but you need support to manage and optimize your campaigns to increase your ROI.

You’re an expanding business:

Your company is rapidly growing and you have been running Facebook ads for a while. You now look for a Facebook ads agency in order to implement technology and maximize ROI.

What we focus on

How do we manage Facebook ads:

How do we optimize Facebook ads campaigns?

Unlike keyword-based search advertising, Facebook ads and Instagram ads rely on using attributes that people enter on their Facebook profiles as well as their behavior on Facebook, to reach the right audience. That is the main difference between Facebook ads and Google search ads. We can target based on demographics, interests, online behavior and many other things that Facebook collects online. Over time, we are able to build custom audiences on Facebook from people genuinely interested in your business. Facebook ads also allows us to built “lookalike” audiences from our customer profile. So once we identified the best audience for your brand, we can then reach more people very similar to our top audience and very likely to become customers.

Running Facebook ads involves multiple processes that need the skills of several team members. Your Facebook campaigns are managed by the following team:

– Account manager
– Copywriter
– Designer
– Video editor
– Analyst

Your account manager is your main point of contact. They are Facebook ads experts and manage and oversee all parts of your campaign. This can include many of the different technologies, ad formats and processes that we manage for you on Facebook. Here are some examples:

– Setting up re-marketing ads
– Dynamic product ads
– Advanced ad technology
– Reporting
– Facebook pixel implementation
– Messenger bots
– Building custom audiences

How do we optimize Facebook ads campaigns?

Testing is the most important part of the optimization process. Facebook constantly changes and a campaign that works one week, might not work the next. We need to constantly setup A/B testing in order to keep improving your ads campaigns. For example, a test could involve to test the same ad creative in different ad placements such as the news feed or the right hand column. Once the most effective position has been found, we then keep optimizing things and test possibly the ad copy or the ad’s image, colors or other part that could influencer the performance of Facebook ads. Another important part is audience research. Are we using the right audience for targeting? Do we need to change or adapt something? It is key for any brand to target the correct audience in order to get the best possible ROI.

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