Top 10 AI Chatbot Platform of 2021

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Chatbot platforms in 2021

You may not notice, but while you are taking a role of an online shopper; the seller you are texting with on the other end might not be a person!

Introducing chatbot, the online business phenomenon. This piece of technology plays a large role in facilitating any business operators and customers’ online communications. Let us take you through the introduction to chatbot.

AI Chatbot, a computer program developed and designed to simulate common human conversations. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) it can reply to people’s message whether it be via listening or texting.
Artificial intelligence was designed for chatbot’s natural understanding of human languages; through the simulation of a real human conversation.

Top 10 Chatbot

Chatbot is popular among the business operators and brand owners. Chatbot operates through real-time text and voice messages, providing all time product marketing services and responses to impress customers.
Nowadays there are multiple Chat AI platforms assisting many brands in developing Chatbot features to fit with their businesses. They aim to convince their customers’ decisions and keep the relationship with them. AI Chatbot platform is a tool for developing and improving the feature itself to match different customer bases in online businesses.

Chatbot has its special characteristic, they can still interact with customers even after work hours. With the ability to respond 24 hours in real-time, it adds more to brand characters and value. This also applied to the growth of content marketing, to be more on point and stand out more.
This special characteristic of chatbots can provide more personal experiences for your customers. AI Chatbot is developed by adjusting and creating service contents to match with different customers’ needs. It can also be applied as a questionnaire sending feedback to business owners; for better services and characters of their brands. All of these at less cost and unlimited operating time.

AI Chatbot simulates the real customers service call center. Well known brands such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant have applied AI Chatbot to their business development.

With that, let us introduce you to the top 10 best AI Chatbot platforms of 2021.

Botsify Chatbot

botsify chatbot

For business owners who are currently looking for a chatbot for cooperating with humans, Botsify is the easiest choice to operate. Botsify provides you with instant AI and data analysis without any programming skills requirement. Botsify allows you to create chatbots for platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack and many more, without a need for registration. There are easy to adjust templates, drag and drop tools and the ability to manage with more complex conversations. Furthermore, you are able to send your message in the middle of chatbot conversation as well.

Botsify is a conversation platform which gathers user information from chatbot messages. Botsify is also featured with a plug-in to combine your platform and the chatbot through JSON API or RSS Feed, this also covers Apple, Shazam and Unicef. Because of this, Botsify is one of the most suitable platforms for starting up business owners in need of assistance for customer services; aim to create impressive new experiences.

 Foxbot Chatbot

Foxbot is a Thailand based chatbot company that focuses on Thai and South East Asia markets. Foxbot therefore has a few features that are specific to that region which include for example the ability to process QR code payments right inside a chat window which is unique for any chatbot. “PromptPay”, which is the Thai government’s official cashless payment system is supported for checkout without any redirects off your chatbot. Besides that, Foxbot has a healthy amount of features that puts it at the top of the chatbots listed here. Yu may connect Foxbot to your ecommerce shop made with WooCommerce or Shopify and if you don’t have a shop yet, you can use the built-in Ecommerce functionality to  add your product catalogue right inside Foxbot.



MobileMonkey contains identical features to Botsify. A simple chatbot generator with no requirement of programming skills but allows users to create complex behaviors such as, memorizing patterns of questions for further use, help users in creation of their Chatbots for Facebook messenger and create opportunity for businesses and services.

Furthermore, MobileMonkey can provide you with automatic customer services, answering frequently asked questions and reducing customers’ waiting time. You can also drop in the middle of conversation, replacing chatbot in conversation by yourself at any time.

Chatfuel Chatbot

Chatfuel chatbot

Chatfuel Chatbot is another interesting platform for simple chatbot creation. Allowing users to create their own chatbot for Facebook Messenger without programming skills requirement. The platform was started in 2015 with selection of adjusting and editing tools. You will be able to design chatbot at your own choices and set up a controllable conversation. The chatbot will memorize a preset of phrases and replies through NLP.

Chatbot will give advice to customers, create personal experiences and good relationships. You will gain useful information from the customer database which helps you to understand more about your customers.

Chatfuel can provide in-depth data regarding the chatbot performance, creating Chatbots Facebook Messenger to reach more customers. Popular brands such as Adidas, TechCrunch, Lego and T-Mobile also use this platform.


aivo chatbot

First used  in 2012 Argentina, Aivo Chatbot assists in communication between companies and their customers. Aivo Chatbot is one of the most successful AI Chatbot platforms in the world. It can manage over 120 million conversations in English, Spanish and  Portugeuse all across the world in  2017.

Popular customers such as Visa, Uber, LG and General Motors also use this platform.

Aivo can create chatbot for any organization regardless of their size, response to customers in real-time via text and voice messages. Users can set the chatbot to differentiate communication style on multiple platforms. This also applies to timely message response settings.

ItsAlive Chatbot

itsalive chatbot

Originated in France, and developed into one of the Facebook messenger’s chatbots. ItsAlive facilitates the business flow, reducing the time required for answering frequently asked questions, through the search of keywords on Facebook messenger.

ItsAlive is another simple platform, without any technical skills required. The chatbot will learn from users and operate accordingly. The chatbot will automatically respond to customers’ inquiries, when asked with specific keywords or phrases.

Users can also add more conversation styles and toggle it to on and off at all times.

Imperson Chatbot

Imperson Chatbot

Imperson Chatbot is one of the organization’s chatbots which is compatible with AR and VR voice and video messages.

All important message sending features; are full service applied to the host bot and dashboard for advanced and in-depth information analysis in real time.

Users can consecutively check the chatbot’s performance according to users’ behavior; for improvement and development of marketing performance.

The chatbot’s conversation operates with memory unit, relationship, NLP users’ intention and complex conversation pattern to close your business deal properly.

Imperson aims to create a chatbot which can communicate naturally and distinguish brands’ characteristics appropriately.  In order to have good connection and interaction with customers.

Popular customers such as Disney, Microsoft, Amazon and National Geographic are using Imperson chatbot.



Pandorabots is one of the oldest and biggest hosting chatbot services in the world. Over 300,000 chatbots were created on this platform. Such as Mitsuku, the widely accepted chatbot by many developers and organizations; including Fortune 500 and many other global brands. All of them are using the cloud service of Pandorabots to connect conversation and application databases. Mitsuku is licensed by Pandorabots to be included in several chatbot applications.

Pandorabots supports the standard Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML); a simple AI language made less complex even for users without any technical basics. Pandorabots offer complex conversation, allowing users to create and apply their chatbots to websites, mobile, hub home and other messaging platforms. Network groups such as, Twitter, Telegram, Line and Slack accept Pandorabots.

Bold360 Chatbot


Bold360 uses AI for better marketing performances, allowing a smooth transition from chatbot to real humans. Bold360 has a special characteristic, the patent of technology to process its own language naturally. This allows brands to create chatbots with better understanding of customers; without the need to match conversations with keywords.

AI can memorize conversation’s contexts to interpret many complex conversation patterns and give natural responses to customers. They can proceed to purchase your products directly via the chatbot.

Moreover, users can apply their chatbots for message sending features. Bold360 customers are mostly organizations such as Intuit, Edible Arrangements and Vodafone.

Meya AI

Meya ai chatobt

Meya AI can help you create complex chatbots or ‘cognitive applications’ without the need to stick with specific scope of knowledge or understanding. Users can use their own experiences to create a multipurpose AI Chatbot. Similar to Bot Studio with code editing tools, chat tester, live debugger and visualizer (a tool for visual presentation in applications.) This allows the chatbot users to scale their own bots for the use of popular applications at their own wish.

Meya has customer services, you can contact them through personal Slack and expect responses in 12 hours. A Cloud system will help coordinate you and your team. It directly connects with your business management system for receiving and providing customers’ insight. Increasing customers’ participation with your businesses.



ManyChat is the best AI Chatbot for creating marketing Facebook Messenger chatbot. It offers possible improvement in sales, profits and income. This platform is well known by over 400,000 businesses owners around the world. ManyChat can facilitate and speed up the process of business conversations. ManyChat is an easy to use drag and drop type chatbot creation platform. Very suitable for Facebook Messenger beginners.

Moreover, ManyChat features a tool for widening your target groups, Messenger can help you simultaneously presenting your contents to different members directly. No need to depend on algorithm connection as long as your members registered with marketing Messenger, the content will be shared automatically. It can also send messages from RSS, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube at your own will.

All of the above are the best AI Chatbots of 2020. The automatic marketing technology, your professional assistant. Create your business with real-time online marketing, providing service at all times. Never miss your customers’ messages again.