Instagram Ads Management

Instagram advertising platform was launched in 2015. Since then it has driven Billions of user interactions. Instagram platform and as a result Instagram advertising is now growing stronger than ever before. Instagram users have high intent to purchase. A study by Instagram found that 60 % of Instagram users said that they research products and services through Instagram, and an even higher 75 % of users said that they also take action on instagram such as visiting websites, searching, or sharing information with friends after seeing an Instagram post.

Types of Instagram Ads

Instagram ads exist since about 5 years now and since then some formats have stayed and some new ad formats have been added. Let’s gave a closer look at what’s possible on Instagram ads platform.

Instagram sponsored photo ads:

Share a single photo on Instagram to a targeted audience. Sponsored ads are available for Instagram business accounts only. Ads will appear on Instagram users timelines and when clicked can go to the brand’s website or Ecommerce store. Ads could also lead back to your brand’s Instagram profile page if you would like drive an increase in followers.

Instagram Photo Ads

Instagram Carousel ads:

Instagram carousel ads look just like photo ads but with the difference that you can swipe to see several images within the same ad unit.

Instagram video ads:

Allow for 30 second long video clips. Instagram video ads can now use landscape dimensions, not only square. Instagram has recently introduced more long format ad formats on it’s IG TV application.

Instagram ads can have several different call-to-actions which include for example “Shop Now”, “Install Now”, “Sign Up”, and “Learn More”.


Instagram Story Ads:

Story ads, as the name suggests, are viewed in Instagram stories, the short videos Instagram users can post and that disappear after some tine from their stream again. Usually they occur when an Instagram user switches from one story to the next story from another account. In tat case they will see an Instagram story ad. When you swipe up on a story ad, you will either go to the brand’s Instagram page or to their website.

instagram story ads


IGTV is relatively new and in fact IGTV is a separate app from the main Instagram app. Instagram introduced this application in order to facilitate long form video content. We are living in the age of video content, so it has become very important to offer an app better suited for video content. Furthermore, Instagram has allowed content creators on IGTV to insert ads into their videos. It is an additional way to reach an audience via video on Instagram.

Instagram ads can be used for many different types of campaign goals:

Clicks to Website
Send people directly tou your website with a clickable link. This can be used for photo, video and carousel ads.

Website Conversions
Track conversions that happen on your website after a person clicks on your Instagram ad. This is achieved through your Facebook conversion pixel and is available on all Instagram ad formats.

Mobile App Installs
Make people download and install your app. This call to action is also available on all ado formats.

Page Post Engagement
This is for when you want people to engage with your ad directly on Instagram. You can use this format for phot and video ads.

Mobile App Engagement
This campaign goal is for boosting your activity on your mobile app.

Video Views
If you market using video content then you can
Available Ad Formats: Video

Reach and Frequency
Achieve predictable reach and greater control over message frequency
Available Ad Formats: Photo, Video, Carousel

Mass Awareness (Marquee ads)
Reach a very large audience in a single day with guaranteed impressions and top placement in Instagram’s ad cue to achieve this.
Available in all ad formats.

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