Viral Videos and why they are effective

In today’s connected world, it is almost impossible to predict the next viral Internet hit. It requires extensive market knowledge and the skills to produce a video that makes people click. Besides, viral videos have a long history in Thailand, which is the home of some of the world’s best viral videos of all time.

Viral videos are all about making people hooked to the screen. Compared to a TV commercial, viral videos are not hard sale or even a middle way. Usually, we will see the brand behind it at the end of the video, or at least not right at the beginning.

So do viral videos have the same commercial value then let’s say TVC’s? They certainly do. The whole point is to get people hooked by the story only. And when that happens, and people emotionally connect to the video, the message is amplified and becomes much more powerful. Done in the right way, a viral video can have a much higher brand recall than a commercial.

Viral videos connect with people emotionally

Viral videos are usually of certain types. They evoke an emotional connection. So they could be funny, like a parody for example. They could also be sad, like a very emotional family story. Something that touches people on a personal level. Or a viral video could be shocking, that can also be part of it. As you can see, whatever the emotion is, it can be made into a viral video.

How about the format? Viral videos tend to be made for longer formats than commercials. The reason is that you can’t build up emotion in a 30-second video clip. It takes time, so viral videos are typically anywhere from 3-5 minutes long, 3 minutes being the most popular length.

A typical viral video would build up a storyline until the end. There will be no brand ore any reveal until the end. That is very important as we are not making a commercial. People are supposed to get hooked to the story. And if they do and they see the brand who made the video at the very end after the climax or reveal, then they will be able to recall this brand strongly.

What happens after the production phase?

Once your video is produced, then what? It can be a misconception that all viral videos just work like that and become viral by themselves. For most viral videos, there is a smart strategy and marketing campaign behind it to give it the right push in the right channels. Once it is there, it can then further spread organically.

We pair the skillset for high-quality production with marketing those videos then online and make them go viral. We can take a project from initial creative development up to production and then media and marketing planning.

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