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Managed Websites, Ecommerce Stores & CRM

Our web development packages are based on 3 main pillars which are a website, an eCommerce store/payment gateway and a CRM. These 3 things allow you to run your whole business from start to finish. We create your site/store, host and maintain it, and support you with marketing and content updates.

create website

1. Create

Custom website design and development, following best practices, and most trusted technologies and optimized for SEO, speed, and mobile.

maintain website and host

2. Host & Maintain

Hosting and maintenance are critical. We host your site on Google Cloud, update your plugins and manage backups for your site.

support website and grow

3. Marketing Support

We bring your site to the top with a wide range of Marketing services, from SEO to advertising and video production.

website development and design

Get a unique website for your business

We build your website

Yes, you can in fact get a custom designed website for this incredibly low price. When you sign up for our monthly package, the website design is included. No upfront cost.

Run Ecommerce and flexible payment gateway

We build your Ecommerce store

With WooCommerce, we build your store on the biggest Ecommerce system in the world. The possibilities are endless and your shop will be customized to your needs.

support and marketing

Full stack marketing services

We support your website

It’s like having your own marketing team inhouse. We update content, make changes to your site, add plugins and hep you generate leads.

Get a full marketing team to run your business

Managed Websites, Ecommerce Stores & CRM

At iPlan Digital we provide an experienced Marketing team that can help you strategize, produce and analyze any kind of Marketing. We help you run your advertising campaigns, produce content that sells and set you up with AI technologies such as chatbots. All of this is available as add-on services for your website plan.

Growth Marketing

With so many tools and technologies out there it is difficult to know and decide what works best to grow your business. Built over many years, we use a proven marketing stack to generate results for our clients.


SEO is as important as it used to be many years ago when search engines started to become popular. But how to do good SEO is constantly changing and requires to work on it every month. Our team will help you be visible on Google in your business category.

Google Ads (SEM)

SEO brings organic traffic. Google Ads are the perfect way to compliment those organic leads with a targeted larger size of audience.

Social Media Content

Full content strategy, planning and management. Our copywriters, creative team and graphic designers will product content for you that makes your brand stand out and reach your content goals.

Chatbot Marketing

Chatbots can help you immensely selling online. They are also very useful for your website visitors. Chat messengers are the most liked way to communicate in Thailand. Make use of this new technology and automate your sales process.

Video Production

We can provide full photo and video production teams for any kind of shoot. Be that a simple product shoot in our studio up to a commercial or viral video that will shine on online or TV channels.


Analytics let us analyze every little detail about the people visiting your website. Based on that information, we make decision son how to target, how to advertise, what content to produce and how to work on your website.

Lead Generation

Websites are perfect for lead generation. Besides SEO, which will generate relevant organic traffic for you, there are many other tools that we use to optimize your lead generation.

Marketing Funnel Optimization

There are a Million ways to generate leads on your website. But what are the best for your brand? And how should your sales funnel look like to be reap the biggest benefits? That is where funnel optimization comes in.

We only use the leading technology partners in the industry

Go with a proven team and technologies that you can trust

website logo 1

Managed Website Plans:


Website Design
• Designed and constructed with your business in mind
• Include photos and graphics with copyright
• Responsive Design
• Compliant with web standards

Hosting and maintenance
• Hosting and technical maintenance
• Hosted on Google Cloud, one of the fastest and most advanced cloud systems of today
• Keep technology and plugins of your website up to date

• We help you transfer any existing or old content to your new website
• Ongoing content writing for your website included

• Advanced SEO plugin that will optimize your site for SEO using best practices
• XML sitemap
• SCHEMA setup on your product pages
• Google Search Console setup

• Google Analytics setup with advanced Ecommerce integration
• Custom live dashboard to monitor your website performance 24/7 at any time you want
• Monthly report sent to you with a summary of monthly results and performance

Ecommerce Store & Payment Gateway
•  Full featured WooCommerce Store
•  Payment gateway with QR Code, credit card and PayPal payments
•  Setup and development


Includes everything from the Plan A:

Website Design



Analytics live dashboard & reporting

Ecommerce Store

• A full-featured CRM.
• Track your leads and customers website activity, create detailed profiles.
• Let your sales team have the required info on any customer available at all times.
• Create a log with all interactions that you had with any person in your CRM.
• Track all Ecommerce data to your customer profiles for a 360 customer view.
• Sort and view your leads and customers based on segments, tags and past interactions.
• Automate tasks such as segmenting, tagging or mailing a specific set of your customers.
• Fixed monthly rate for any amount of users/people
• No user limits or increasing cost with with more users, your CRM is scalable to any amount and your cost will stay the same.

If you prefer to pay for your website one time, we provide that service as well. Please contact sales for more info.

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