Digital Ads (Digital Advertising) in Thailand

Facebook Advertising & Retargeting

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Thailand has one of the highest Facebook usage rates per user in the world. If you are not yet using Facebook to reach new audiences through advertising you are missing out on this fantastic opportunity.

In order to reap the largest benefit from Facebook, you must have a paid ads strategy, as Facebook limits reach of your organic content massively. To give you an example: Let’s say you have a Facebook page with 500,000 fans. Now when you post something on your page, Facebook does not show this post to all of those 500,000 people but actually to only about 2-5% of that list. Learn more about our Facebook ads packages here.

Instagram Advertising

This is one of the newest and hottest advertising platforms on the market. Instagram ads just in 2015 opened up to a larger group of countries including Thailand. If your products are very visual, for example fashion, luxury items, travel, etc. then Instagram is probably the best social network to tell your story. We highly recommend you give it a try. We can create, run and report on performance of your Instagram campaigns. Take the hassle and time out of running your online advertising campaigns and let us manage your accounts professionally. View more info about Instagram ads and the different available formats here.

Remarketing - Retargeting Marketing

Google Adwords Advertising & Retargeting

With Google Ads (formerly Adwords) you can place text advertisings on Google’s search engine. When people search for a certain topic which is part of your keyword campaign, your ads are going to show up on Google search. And here lies also the big difference between Facebook ads and Google ads:

On Facebook, you show ads to people that match certain criteria, such as age, sex, interests etc. On Google, you show ads to people that are in that moment actively doing a search on Google for a certain topic. This shows they have some intent at this very moment and are probably more likely to act on that as compared to Facebook Ads.

To start on Adwords, you need to initially create a keyword list of what terms you want to target, open an Adwords account and then setup your ads. We offer very competitive rates in this field, Speak to us today to find out more.

Digital Ads - Pay Per Click

Twitter Advertising & Retargeting

Twitter, at least in Thailand, is an often overlooked social network. But this is a mistake, it has a large user base and even in Thailand Twitter is large enough to provide great scale for your ad campaigns. Targeting options are different than from Facebook for example. You can easily target your competitors fans for example, a feature not always possible on Facebook.

Twitter also has a re-targeting engine which let you advertise to people who visited your website when they go browse

YouTube Advertising & Retargeting

You can advertise on YouTube with video content. Your video ads can be short or long and are displayed before videos that people want to see on YouTube. People have the option to skip your ad after 5 seconds if they wish to do so. If that happens, you don’t have to pay for that adview. Only if somebody watches your ad for 30 seconds or until the end of your video ad (whatever comes earlier) will you be paying for this ad.

LINE OA Business Accounts

We also provide LINE OA (LINE Official Account) business account setup and management as part of our social account management service. It is still a fairly new format but with LINE’s strong foothold in the Thai market a very important channel not to forget. LINE OA accounts are not “normal” LINE accounts but provide business features such as mass messaging your friends directly. Find out more here.

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