Digital and Static Out of Home Media in Bangkok

We can book and buy not only online media for you but any type of out of home media in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. What is out of home media? It just means any type of media that reach people outside of their homes.

The typical formats available usually include both digital and static formats and include for example the following:

Mega LEDs and LCDs:

emquartier emporium mega lcd screen out of home advertising

Mega LEDs and LCD screens at major intersections and places of interest in Bangkok and other city areas across Thailand. Big out-of-home digital screens at intersections, shopping centers, and public spaces with high traffic of people. Most are located in Bangkok but at least 1 Mega LCD is also available in all major cities in Thailand, North and South and this are expanded every year.

Bus advertising across Bangkok:

Public transportation systems out of home media such as bus avertising. Buses can be covered with advertising for any period of time so you can target specific routes and area sin the city with your advertising

BTS Skytrain digital and static media:

The largest public transportation system for reaching a maximum of people with out of home media in Bangkok, Thailand are the formats available on the BTS Skytrain system (and the MRT subway). The skytrain provides out of home media such as in-train screens, on station screens, digital walls and truss LCD screens. It also has many different static media formats available.

skytrain out of home

MRT Subway digital and static media:

The MRT subway has over 10 Million ridership per month and provides a wide selection of digital and static out of home media such as in-train screens, on station screens, digital walls at major interchange stations in Bangkok. There are also a wide range of high exposure static media available.

Speak to us today to discuss your out of home media needs. Our agency provides full out of home media buy services and are able to set anything up for you. Our media buy agency also provides creative services and corporate campaigns to plan and design your print, motion graphic or video commercial for out of home usage.

bts skytrain out of home advertising

Digital and static out of home media is available in all parts of Thailand, not only Bangkok. Mega LEDs can be booked in all major cities upcountry and in the South as well.


The out of home media options available to book in Thailand are almost endless:

– Supersized billboards
– Supersized LED screens
– Street furniture
– Bus full wraps and half wraps
– Taxi and Tuk Tuk wraps
– BTS skytrain public transport with train wraps, in-train wallpapers, in-train hand grips, in-train LCD screens
– BTS skytrain station static and digital out of home media with poll wraps, digitla walls, truss LED screens, posters, station take overs
– BTS Skytrain pillar covers, stairs covers
– MRT subway in-train LCD screens, posters, hand grips, wallpapers
– MRT subway on station LCD screens, digital walls, static media, truss LCD screens, truss posters, tunnel digital projections
– Shopping malls on Siam Square, Siam Paragon, MBK, Emporium, Emquartier, Central World and more with many options like digital walls, digital information stations, in-store digital walls


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