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Marketing automation makes it easier for the business owner and sales team to focus on the tasks that really matter – like closing sales – while leaving the day to day marketing to an automated system. If you’re unsure of how this might benefit your business, read on to find out more.

What do your customers want?

Tailoring your marketing to the needs of your prospects will help to turn them into paying customers much more easily than presenting a generic view of what your business does. When someone arrives on your website, landing page, or social account, they generally have a problem that needs to be solved.

Through whatever method, they’ve identified you as a potential solution, and you need to show them that they have made the right choice.

Hubspot allows you to create custom content for your visitors dependent on what actions they take. Tailor-made emails, content, and special offers can all be set up to send to particular sectors of your market.

For example, if a prospect visits your website and they have Problem A, they might land on Product 1. Another solution to Problem A is Product 7 or Service 5, but the prospect doesn’t know that yet. Instead, they fill out a form on your site requesting more information about Product 1.

In a standard setting, you might just email them some general information about your business and maybe some information about Product 1 – that could easily be automated. If you are keen to make a sale, you might manually add information about Product 7 and Service 5.

By using marketing automation, Hubspot would analyze the form that was submitted and determine the best course of action for that particular prospect. Information on Product 1 would be sent right away.

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A follow-up message could be configured for the following day, detailing the benefits of Product 7, and a special offer for a discount on Service 5 might arrive two days after that.

This keeps the prospect (now a lead as they’ve filled out a form) in the loop and keeps you in touch with them. They’ll begin to associate your products and services with being potential solutions to their problems and will be more likely to buy one of them.

A standard email sequence would not target their particular needs and would soon become irrelevant. Hubspot also allows for internal alerts to be sent to managers or the sales team to notify them of any particular action a prospect/lead takes, and a full picture of the individual can be built for your CRM.

This allows you to score leads, and determine who is the next best lead to dedicate your time to in order to close a sale.

With Hubspot marketing automation, you’ll always be offering the customer the solutions to their problems and putting those solutions easily in reach.

Hubspot provides many other advantages to kickstart your online efforts, please get in touch with us to find out more.

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